@MuradSkincare 10% Glycolic Wipes Review 

If you’ve been under a rock, then you haven’t heard that I have been recommending different skincare products and routines on BrownBeautyMom’s twitter. One of the recommendations of @Krissy90220 was the Murad 10% Glycolic Wipes, to help with resurfacing and hyperpigmentation. 

Men’s Grooming with Noir Classic

Being a Esthetician, I get so many questions on skin care and beauty. Chris (my S.O.) always asks me questions about what to use for his skin care regimen.

He suffers from hyperpigmentation and has coarse facial hair. We will discuss hyperpigmentation on a later post. I reviewed Noir Classic Man Wash, Conditioner and the Beard & hair pomade on Chris’s skin and beard. 

BBM Personal Care Solution: The Dove Dry Oil Collection

Life moves fast. My life moves fast as a busy mom, mate, and working woman with a 9-5 job and the addition of a professional life as a licensed esthetician and makeup artist. Much of my life is centered on service to others at the expense of my own personal care. But I’ve recently discovered a solution that you could find useful too.