Brown Beauty Mom Conversations: My Son Has a Speech Delay

Picture it: You find out you’re pregnant with child. You do everything in your power to do what’s the Doctors ask you so the baby comes out healthy. You eat right, go to prenatal appointments, and 39 weeks later your child is here. You breast feed until you cannot anymore for health reasons. He’s eating well, cooing, and starting to walk. You take your child to the routine Doctor’s appointments and keep up with the shot schedule. Your child doesn’t speak as much to others, according to others. Ears evaluated and they are fine. Then your child and family go through the early intervention, which is the next step. 

Protect Your Hair

Life is much too short to have boring hair and protective styles are the perfect solution for the brown beauty that wants versatility, style and simplicity. In addition to the ability that protective styles give you to switch up your look, they also help keep your natural hair strong and healthy.

Choosing the perfect protective style is no easy task but, I’ve put together a few of my favorites for the season that are definitely worth trying out.

2016 Gift Guide of Black Owned Businesses

Since 2015, BBM has made a conscious effort to support small black owned businesses. From makeup, skincare, haircare, and even tech support for my blog is supporting black owned businesses. The black dollar circulates in the black community at a slower rate than it would outside of the community. Hopefully this list will help the black dollar last longer. 

October’s @ArtisanLoveBox

This week’s box is from Artisan Love Box, which is curated by Candera from Bask & Bloom Essentials and Jarmelia from FromLia. The Artisan Love Box is a monthly beauty & self care service that offers handmade goodies to your front door. The Artisan Love Box is special because each product is made by a women, whom are small business owners, and made with healthy ingredients. You will not find any toxic products in any of the products in the box. I always try to bring you products from small and or black own businesses.