BBM Beauty Quiz +Gayl-Ann of @lovedmorethistime

The month of mothers rolls on with this weeks BBM Beauty Quiz participant Gayl-Ann Pinnock from Loved More This Time. She’s a beautiful person inside and out. I haven’t met her in person, but if I did, I would give her the biggest and longest hug (I’m a hugger). She gets my style and personality. Not to mention she picks all the amazing pieces for her shop along with her beautiful daughter. Enjoy this week’s BBM Beauty Quiz!

BBM Beauty Quiz + Tameka White

Mrs. Tameka White is my sorority sister, beautiful, and funny. She was nominated for the BBM Beauty Quiz by my Soror Kandice Cole. It’s funny how people you know can introduce you to other wonderful people just by association. I enjoyed putting together this beauty quiz because Tameka has a good sense of humor, and I love to laugh. 

BBM Beauty Quiz + Elicia Davis from @WearTruthAndGold

This BBM Beauty Quiz will feature Mrs. Elicia Davis from Wear Truth And Gold. I have been following her brand for a while, and love that her and her husband is also raising a young black boy like myself. Both of us have hope for the joy in our young boy’s futures while the negative messages of a negative self image is in the society today. Our little ones are beautiful, significant and are filled with limitless power to change our world. I love that Elicia plants golden seeds of truth into each child that wears the tees she sells. 
BBM: Do you wear makeup? If so, what products are apart of your routine?

BBM Beauty Quiz + @KatandNerdy Kat DeJesus

This BBM Beauty Quiz is featuring Kat DeJesus. She’s a makeup artist, new mommy, and now a new blogger. I’ve been following Kat for a while now and I have always wanted to work with her. I’m so excited to bring you Kat’s beauty regimen and story. Maybe one day I can get a chance to assist her on a makeup job (One of my goals). Enjoy!

BBM Beauty Quiz + Madison Poole of Princess M Cosmetics 

This BBM Beauty Quiz is featuring Ms. Madison Poole. Ms. Poole is the CEO of Princess M Cosmetics. Yes, she’s 16 years old and has her own cosmetics brand. Nail polishes and liquid lipsticks, that are non-toxic and vegan friendly. BBM featured Princess M in the Holiday Gift Guide. Support this enterprising and smart young lady. Enjoy.

BBM Beauty Quiz + @IamFabellis

This week’s BBM Beauty Quiz is featuring my sis Ashley Carter aka FabEllis. I met her at a blogger meetup in Chicago, and it was her birthday. We had dinner at Zapatista’s with fish tacos and margaritas. Even though we haven’t seen each other face to face in a while, she’s still my sis and my sound board for my blog ideas.  Enjoy!