BrunchBabesChi Take on The Fremont

#BrunchBabesChi is the brain child of Brandy Hazzard of Brown Beauty Mom. Brandy got the idea from India, her facebook sis from N.O. Women coming together each month at a different restaurant over good food. Our first month was November, and we went to Flavor Restaurant. The food was amazing, and the conversation went from being a WOC (woman of color) in the workplace to the change of climate in politics. We talked about our careers and how we can help each other get to the next level.

The Fremont is everything in life. For $40, you can have all that you can eat brunch from 10am-3pm Saturdays and Sundays. (Bottomless Mimosas for $20 extra) It’s best that you make reservations for the weekend rush. We stood outside and thankful that it was mildly warm this time of year in Chicago. It was really like standing in line for the club. There’s security at the door that will check ID’s to make sure that you are 21 years of age. Then you file inside and give your reservation time to be seated. A beautiful server gives you water, asks would you like the brunch & mimosa, or just the brunch. (there are wrist bands that will tell which brunch or brunch and mimosa combo). We ascended on the brunch with empty stomachs and laughter. Food, desserts, and drinks were flowing. The best parts were the waffle bar (create your own), the bacon (3 different flavors), the donut wall, and the omelet bar (create your own).

One of the participants brought her Bff and it was like she was all of our bff’s! 🙂

One of the reasons I love this group is because of the sisterhood, the relationships, and food. Al’Alai one of Brandy’s IG friends turned real life friend said something that really made a gal feel good. She said that she was glad that she found out about #BrunchBabesChi from IG. She’s been here in Chicago for a year and would not have been to the places we have been if it wasn’t for #BrunchBabesChi. That’s mainly why Brandy started BBC to get around and try new things with new ppl and bring more friends along.

I know what you are here for…The pics of the food.

Have you been to the Fremont? What was your experience? What was the last brunch that you attended?

Next Month, #BrunchBabesChi will be taking over the Commons Club in the Virgin Hotels. If you want to be apart of the group, please comment and I can add you to the groupme.




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    I’ve never been to the Fremont, but the food looks delicious. I’m totally here for brunch and great conversation. I love the option for bottomless mimosas and the all you can eat brunch for one price.

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