BBM Beauty Quiz + Tameka White

Mrs. Tameka White is my sorority sister, beautiful, and funny. She was nominated for the BBM Beauty Quiz by my Soror Kandice Cole. It’s funny how people you know can introduce you to other wonderful people just by association. I enjoyed putting together this beauty quiz because Tameka has a good sense of humor, and I love to laugh. 

BBM:Do you wear makeup? If so, what products is a part of your routine? 

TW: I do wear make-up, but I wear a fresh face rather than a ‘beat’ one. For my ‘everyday face’ I use Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse as a foundation, a bit of blush to add some color to my cheeks, eyebrow liner, and L’oreal color riche lip gloss. If I had to choose two make-up must-haves, my foundation and lip gloss are non-negotiables.

BBM: Do you have a special skincare routine or one at all? 

TW: Is this a trick question? 🙂 I don’t have a special skincare routine even though I probably should. I usually use whatever cleanser and moisturizer are around.  I have a serious T-zone, so any moisturizer I use is light.

BBM: What was your first beauty purchase? 

TW: Hmmm…my first beauty was a hot pink lipstick from Urban Decay – loved it!

BBM: How do you maintain self-care while having young children?

TW: The key word to self-care is: SELF. Making time for myself is a must. When my children were younger, it took more planning and allowing others to help – but now that my children are older (8 & 10), it is much easier to explain to them that ‘mommy needs a break.’  As mothers, we can’t give our best when we aren’t at our best physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. I’m not as meticulous about planning times for self-care, but when I feel like I need some ‘me time,’ I make sure to take it – usually at least once a month.  My go-tos for self care are: taking myself on a date to a nice restaurant, getting a cute, new hairstyle, or locking myself (plus my faithful companions – bath bombs, Pandora, a book, and a glass of wine) away in the bathroom for several hours of peace and quiet. 🙂

BBM: Any motherhood advice for our readers? 

TW: The good book says children should honor their parents, but I think it’s important for mothers to honor themselves. Although women wear a variety of hats, motherhood is one of the most esteemed roles a woman can have and we should view it as such in how we treat our selves and our children.


Tameka is a proud mother of a handsome 10-year old son and sweet 8-year old daughter. In addition to full-time work as a customer service manager for a local health clinic, she operates a small business, Miss White Writes, is a CASA volunteer, and a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. In her spare time she enjoys resting, reading, tasty food, and bebop jazz.

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