BBM Beauty Quiz + Maya Harris from Classic.City.Chic

BBM Beauty Quiz with Maya

BBM Beauty Quiz took a small hiatus for the month of April due to life happening. We are back in the month of Mother’s Day with the Beautiful and Chic, Maya Harris from Classic.City.Chic. 

BBM: Do you wear makeup? If so, what products is a part of your routine?

MH: Yes, I do wear makeup. I haven’t gotten into high end brands of makeup as much so many of the products in my routine are affordable. I use the “First Base” primer spray by NYX, The “Total Control Drop Foundation” by NYX or Maybelline Matte + Poreless foundation (depending on the look I’m going for), Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow pomade & LA Girl concealer. I also use a mix of eye shadow pallets. Honorable mention is my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer that I reach for on days I want light coverage.

BBM: Do you have a special skincare routine or one at all?

MH: My current skincare routine is pretty simple,although I am branching out into new products the regime stays the same. I wash and moisturize my face daily with Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash & Neutrogena Moisturizer with SPF 15. At least once a week I exfoliate with my Formula 10.0.6 One Smooth Operator Face scrub. Exfoliating is important to me because it helps remove dead skin cells from the face & harder to reach impurities that my daily washing can miss. Once to twice a month I use Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask to rid my face of blackheads. I concentrate this mask on my nose area because that’s where I get blackheads sometimes and it works like a charm!

BBM: What was your first beauty purchase?

MH: This is so funny to think about but my first beauty purchase was Beauty Rush eye shadows that Victoria’s Secret used to make when I was in high school. My mom used to let me get them because they were super cheap. That was my first experience with doing eye makeup and I’m sure my execution was a hot mess!

BBM: How do you maintain self-care while having young children?

MH: I maintain self care by carving out time for myself to do the things I like to do. It’s not always easy but when I have days off during the week I take time to go workout, get a mani/pedi or treat myself to a nice meal. I also do one vacation a year without my daughter so I can have full relaxation and spend time with some of my friends. Taking some time off doesn’t make you a bad mom. We dedicate a lot of time to our families so time away is necessary to maintain your sanity and to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

BBM: Any motherhood advice for our readers?

MH: One piece of motherhood advice I have is to learn the value of planning. Whether it’s planning dinner for the week or planning how you’ll spend a day out with your kids, planning is so important. It helps keep everything from getting too chaotic and can save you time in the long run. Everything will not always go according to your plan BUT if you have a plan A, a plan B should follow for those “just in case” moments. You’ll save yourself a lot of hair pulling by planning ahead.

A little bit about Maya:

Maya is a native Chicagoan and mother to a two year old daughter. She studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she received her BA in Communication. Maya currently has a career in the supply chain field as a logistics analyst. Outside of work, Maya is half of the blogging duo for the young professional style blog Classic. City. Chic. This is where Maya shares her love for style while showing readers you don’t always have to break the bank to look great! Maya also serves as a board member for a new organization, PowHER Suite that seeks to connect young women of color who are looking to build their brand and advance their career. Maya loves her job as a mom and is constantly amazed by the growth of her little one. She seeks to be a testament to young moms that you can balance life and career.

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