Smile Bright with Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit

Smile Brilliant + Teeth Whitening at Home

BBM’s smile has always been a source of teasing and bullying growing up. BBM is a card carrying member of the gap committee, due to not having steady employment and not having dental insurance Smile Brilliant contacted us to try their at home whitening kit.

A kit was received, that includes the mixture to make the molds, the whitening materials, and the desensitizing cream. The molds are made from the impressions of your teeth. Due to us never making molds prior to this opportunity, this was the hardest step. For 3 times a week,we would brush my teeth, then brush on the de-sensitizer, then apply the clear mold for an hour.

After about 1.5 weeks, we started seeing some results with the color and health of my teeth. Our teeth were whiter than they have been in a long time. Brown Beauty Mom speaks about self-care all the time. Caring about how our smile looks is a big thing for me. We are thankful for having this opportunity to have a whitened smile, and Brown Beauty Mom wants to give you that same opportunity. Brown Beauty Mom has partnered with Smile Brilliant to giveaway a kit to a lucky winner. Smile Brilliant Giveaway The contest ends on 4/24/17.

BBM gives Smile Brilliant 4  lips out of 5. 

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For my visual learners, Youtube Video Step by Step Instructions

Have you tried Whitening kits before? What were your thoughts?



P.S. BBM received this product for review, the thoughts of BBM are all our own.

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