BBM Beauty Quiz + Elicia Davis from @WearTruthAndGold

This BBM Beauty Quiz will feature Mrs. Elicia Davis from Wear Truth And Gold. I have been following her brand for a while, and love that her and her husband is also raising a young black boy like myself. Both of us have hope for the joy in our young boy’s futures while the negative messages of a negative self image is in the society today. Our little ones are beautiful, significant and are filled with limitless power to change our world. I love that Elicia plants golden seeds of truth into each child that wears the tees she sells. 
BBM: Do you wear makeup? If so, what products are apart of your routine?

ED: I pretty much wear makeup every day. Accept, as I write this, I’m not wearing any because it’s 13 degrees and this is my silent protest! But, I make sure that my cheeks are bronzy and rosie. Cause it makes me look alive during Michigan winters! Eyeliner and mascara are a must on my book. I’m not gonna lie but my little sister works for the fashion industry, so she sends me boxes of products to try. Right now, she’s sends lots of fancy eye serums, lipsticks and under eye concealers. Think she’s trying to tell me something? But really, she hooks me up and makes sure that I am pampered.
BBM: Do you have a special skincare routine, or one at all?
ED: I stick to all the basics. Water, a light cleanser and a moisturizer.
BBM: What was your first beauty purchase? 
ED: Probably Lip Smacked in a hundred flavors for my Caboodle! (Should have kept that Caboodle to keep the makeup away from my 18 month old.)
BBM: How do you maintain self care while having young children? 
ED: Everyday, I make sure I am caffeinated even if it means I reheat my coffee 4x. That way a major no-no in my life before Rocco, but now I thank God for the microwave. I also make sure I take some time to journal because it’s still the only way my 13 year old introverted self can still process life. And if those things don’t happen, be sure  that I make a corrective step midday to remedy it. Cause I know it’s what I need to balance our online business, being a wife and pouring LIFE into Rocco.
BBM: Any motherhood advice for our readers?
ED: Bring your magazine stash with you when you’re out running errands. I let my husband drive while I catch up on my reading! And, each of our journeys will be as diverse as our birthing/adopting  experiences. So enjoy your story cause no one can steal it from you!
BBM Beauty Quiz

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