BBM Beauty Quiz + @KatandNerdy Kat DeJesus

This BBM Beauty Quiz is featuring Kat DeJesus. She’s a makeup artist, new mommy, and now a new blogger. I’ve been following Kat for a while now and I have always wanted to work with her. I’m so excited to bring you Kat’s beauty regimen and story. Maybe one day I can get a chance to assist her on a makeup job (One of my goals). Enjoy!

BBM: Do you wear makeup? If so, what products are apart of your routine? 

KD: Yes I do…..when I have time. lol. My go to products are a face primer by  The Ordinary (it’s from the uk), Garnier Skin Active Miracle skin perfective BB cream in combo/oily, it cosmetics Bye Bye under Eye, Tarte amazonian clay blush, L’oreal Voluminous feline lash in black and my new fave lip  color ELF Matte lip color in Berry Sorbet.

BBM: Do you have a special skincare routine, or one at all? 
KD: ​I have so many things I can mention. I’m a little skin care obsessed right now. My most basic routine would be
​Wash: Cerave Hydrating Cleanser
Tone: Thayers Witch Hazel with Aloe and Rose​
Serum: Hyaluronic acid by uVernal
Eyecream: Lilyana Naturals eye cream with hibiscus and rosehip
Face Cream: I actually make my own hydrating face oil with jojoba, vitamin e, rosehip, cedarwood, primrose, lavendar, patchouli, raspberry, and chamomile oils.
I also use a rosewater spray with glycerin.
BBM: What was your first beauty purchase? 
KD: Wet N Wild Lipstick in 506A. you want to know how I remember……I had to sneak and buy it in HS. I wasnt allowed to wear makeup till I was 16….so I snuck and bought it one day after school. I kept it in my locker and took off the lipstick before my dad would pick me up. I was the deepest darkest shade of chocolate brown. A totally 90’s color. lol​

BBM: How do you maintain self care while having young children? 

KD: I’m very lucky to have an amazing fiance who knows I need me time……which results in very long showers. My skin care routine has become kind of therapeutic and helps me recenter.  ​

BBM: Any motherhood advice for our readers?
KD: As mom’s it’s so hard to have any free time/me time. Don’t forget about yourself. Buy that fancy lipstick or expensive face cream. Take a few extra minutes to enjoy using them and putting them on. When we as mom’s feel better about ourselves… reflects in the care we give our children.​
At a very young age Kat was mesmerized by the art of makeup. If she wasn’t attacking her cabbage patch dolls she was begging her older cousin or friends in high school to let her do their makeup. She found her true calling in college when she got hired at a local department store and has never looked back. With 15+ of working in the industry she has had the pleasure of working on many music videos, commercials, fashion shows as well as being featured and published in various magazines.

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