Pizza Review-Blaze Pizza Orland Park IL Brown Beauty Mom

Brown Beauty Mom reviews Blaze Pizza in Orland Park IL, 24 Orland Square Drive. When we recommend places, we think about whether it’s family friendly, atmosphere is good, and the food is good. The design your own pizza emporium Blaze Pizza does not disappoint. My family loves a good pizza place, we’re from Chicago after all. The BBM family set our sites on Blaze Pizza one Sunday evening for a quick dinner.

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BBM Beauty Quiz + Elicia Davis from @WearTruthAndGold

This BBM Beauty Quiz will feature Mrs. Elicia Davis from Wear Truth And Gold. I have been following her brand for a while, and love that her and her husband is also raising a young black boy like myself. Both of us have hope for the joy in our young boy’s futures while the negative messages of a negative self image is in the society today. Our little ones are beautiful, significant and are filled with limitless power to change our world. I love that Elicia plants golden seeds of truth into each child that wears the tees she sells. 
BBM: Do you wear makeup? If so, what products are apart of your routine?

BBM Beauty Quiz + @KatandNerdy Kat DeJesus

This BBM Beauty Quiz is featuring Kat DeJesus. She’s a makeup artist, new mommy, and now a new blogger. I’ve been following Kat for a while now and I have always wanted to work with her. I’m so excited to bring you Kat’s beauty regimen and story. Maybe one day I can get a chance to assist her on a makeup job (One of my goals). Enjoy!

Faith.Love.Nails Press On Nails Review & Giveaway

Faith.Love.Nails is a brainchild of Ms Danielle, a licensed nail technician in the state of Missouri. She started her nail press on business to become better in nail art and a better nail tech overall. Every gal loves the results of getting her nails done, but she might not necessarily have the time to go to a salon, patience to wait for nail art, or the extra money to spend. That is where Faith Love Nails comes in!

Bridging the Gap Sip & Shop Affair Interview + Phatbulous Fashionista & Culture Rich

Hi Ladies,

This awesome interview is to spotlight Ms Tia Speat and Ms Chi-Chi Omenazu and their event Bridging the Gap: A Sip & Shop Affair. Both are entrepreneurs in fashion and event management. Once I saw the event, I knew I had to shed some light on this soiree for Women’s History Month. I hope you enjoy.