Kimberly New York’s “Poetry” Fragrance Review

I was able to get the sneak peak at Kimberly New York’s new eau de parfum, titled Poetry. Ms. Kimberly Walker is a creative that specializes in creating beautiful scents. Her scents blend fruit, food, and earthy scents. Prior to releasing Poetry, Kimberly has 3 fragrances with the creative in mind. The fragrances are extraordinary, a fragrance that will have strangers stopping you to ask what are you wearing?

Poetry is a scent with notes of sandalwood, magnolia blossom, and peach. This fragrance will appeal to the fruity and earthy senses. This beautiful scent lasts all day, even with washing my hands, my pulse points were still scented. Poetry made me sniff, close my eyes, and made me think back to time I felt confident and sexy.

Kimberly Walker is a writer, artist, and perfumer from New York. Before releasing Poetry, Kimberly released Artsy, Bubble, and Dimple. When you visit Kimberly’s site, you will take a short quiz that will estimate which fragrance you will love based on your personality. After taking the quiz, I was placed with Artsy, which made perfect sense.

I give Poetry 5 Lips out of 5 

What types of fragrance tickles your fancy?



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