Brown Beauty Mom Conversations: My Son Has a Speech Delay

Picture it: You find out you’re pregnant with child. You do everything in your power to do what’s the Doctors ask you so the baby comes out healthy. You eat right, go to prenatal appointments, and 39 weeks later your child is here. You breast feed until you cannot anymore for health reasons. He’s eating well, cooing, and starting to walk. You take your child to the routine Doctor’s appointments and keep up with the shot schedule. Your child doesn’t speak as much to others, according to others. Ears evaluated and they are fine. Then your child and family go through the early intervention, which is the next step. 

BrunchBabesChi Take on The Fremont

#BrunchBabesChi is the brain child of Brandy Hazzard of Brown Beauty Mom. Brandy got the idea from India, her facebook sis from N.O. Women coming together each month at a different restaurant over good food. Our first month was November, and we went to Flavor Restaurant. The food was amazing, and the conversation went from being a WOC (woman of color) in the workplace to the change of climate in politics. We talked about our careers and how we can help each other get to the next level.

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KISS Instawave – How to Get Beautiful Curls in Seconds!

KISS Instawave – How to Get Beautiful Curls in Seconds!

I’ve learned the hard way that caring for your hair is better than repairing your hair.  If you take care of your hair early on, you won’t have to pay the cost of expensive products and treatments to repair your hair.  Or, like in my case have to resort to a “big chop”.

My Big Chop

Honey & Petals Sweetest Summer Collection

Honey & Petals is the black owned company owned by my boo/inspiration Krissy Henry. She has suffered with eczema and came up with a combination of butters and oils to combat dryness and itchy skin. We have featured H & P on BBM before and even had a giveaway featuring her products. So when we heard that there was going to be a summer collection, we had to get our coins together to support.

BBM Beauty Quiz +Gayl-Ann of @lovedmorethistime

The month of mothers rolls on with this weeks BBM Beauty Quiz participant Gayl-Ann Pinnock from Loved More This Time. She’s a beautiful person inside and out. I haven’t met her in person, but if I did, I would give her the biggest and longest hug (I’m a hugger). She gets my style and personality. Not to mention she picks all the amazing pieces for her shop along with her beautiful daughter. Enjoy this week’s BBM Beauty Quiz!

BBM Beauty Quiz + Tameka White

Mrs. Tameka White is my sorority sister, beautiful, and funny. She was nominated for the BBM Beauty Quiz by my Soror Kandice Cole. It’s funny how people you know can introduce you to other wonderful people just by association. I enjoyed putting together this beauty quiz because Tameka has a good sense of humor, and I love to laugh.